Alaska Cruise

Leaving San Francisco

Day 1, Saturday, June 8, 2002

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San Francisco skyline


Fireboat display



The computer's all set up

Diane and our steward Adrian Sotelo Mendez

Ship's deck with flags

Ship's deck with swimming pool


Bill, Elaine and Jim on the movie stage - closeup

Elaine, Jim and Diane on the movie stage

Elaine, Jim and Diane on the movie stage - closeup

Our life jacket drill

The pilot is loaded aboard

Pier 35 - where we were docked

Pilot boat and fireboat

Windsurfers taking their lives in their hands

Bill and Diane

Elaine, Jim and diane on deck

Elaine, Jim and Diane with an SF skyline

Golden Gate Bridge is ahead of us

Jim and Elaine and Alcatraz

Approaching Golden Gate Bridge

Leaving Golden Gate Bridge

Jim, Elaine and Diane

Jim and Elaine

We're on our way!

Diane, Elaine and Jim (Bill right behind) descending stairway to dining.

Our Restaurant

Elaine and Jim head for the Casino on deck fourteen
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