Our Cruises

Diane and Bill George

These are cruises of Diane and Bill George, taken from 2002 - 2016. Frequently joined by Bill's sister Elaine and her husband, Jim. Friends David and Sue and sister Kass occasionally went along. Enjoy!

2002 Alaska
Helicoptered to Mendenhall Glacier

2003 Mexico
Puerta Valarta Staruary

2004 Panama
Our First Crossing of Panama Canal

2005 Eastern Caribbean
Country of St. Johns

2006 Hawaii
15 Days and Volcanoes

2006 Vancouver
Doris Silva, Diane's mom, went with us

2007 Quebec, Canada
Stations of the Cross at St. Annes de Beaupre

2008 Mexico
Fleet Week Blue Angels and Cabo St Lucas

2009 Alaska
Cruise Tour and Dinali Wilderness

2010 British Isles
Included Paris

2011 Nova Scotia
A Legacy Family Tree Tour

2012 Azores
Diane's Ancestral Home, Flamengos, Azores

2012 Italy
Leaning Tower of Pisa

2013 Panama Canal
Saw 3rd Locks being built

2014 Hawaii
Banyan Tree Park

2014 South Pacific
Samoa was delightful

2015 Alaska
David, "driving" the ship

2016 Hawaii
Opaekaa Falls in Kauai