21 Day, 2012, Italy, Spain and Transatlantic Crossing, Cruise

We (Diane, Bill, Elaine and Jim, Kathleen and Sod Hwa) took a 21 day cruise in 2012 that was actually two cruises in one. The first was a 7 day Mediterranean cruise of Italy, Monaco and Spain aboard the MS Noordam. The 2nd, on the same ship, was a 14 day cruise, including Spain and Portugal and an Atlantic crossing to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Kathleen and Sod Hwa had been touring Italy previously and joined us when the cruise started in Rome. on October 15th.

This web site contains photo galleries of the countries and towns we visited. The galleries are listed by country, while the actual itinerary we followed is below.

Land Tours Taken by Kass and Sod Hwa Prior to Joining the Cruise on October 15th

  • Oct 02 Rome
  • Oct 05 Rome Trevi
  • Oct 06 Rome Opera House
  • Oct 08 Rome Piazza Popolo
  • Oct 09 Pompeii
  • Oct 10 Amalfi Coast
  • Oct 10 Pompeii
  • Oct 11 Rome Paestum
  • Oct 14 San Angelo

Seven Day Cruise: Italy, Monaco & Barcelona

  • Mon Oct 15 Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy. We boarded the Noordam
  • Tue Oct 16 Livorno (Florence) Italy
  • Wed Oct 17 Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Thu Oct 18 Barcelona, Spain
  • Sat Oct 20 Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
  • Sun Oct 21 Palermo, Sicily

Fourteen Day Cruise: Italy, Spain, Portugal and an Atlantic crossing

  • Mon Oct 22 Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
  • Wed Oct 24 Alicante, Spain
  • Thu Oct 25 Malaga, Spain
  • Fri Oct 26 Cadi┼║, Spain
  • Sun Oct 28 Funchal, Madeira,, Portugal
  • Sun Nov 4 Ft. Lauderdale, U.S.A.

The Slideshows are alphabetical, by country and city visited.